Hi there,
I ordered three Hohner Special 20 harps on Tuesday morning here in Fargo, North Dakota, and just received them today (Thursday morning). By my watch that’s a mere 48 hours to get an order from half a continent away…and by the way, all three harps play beautifully as well. I call that GREAT service my friends, and I just wanted to say thanks a lot. This is not the first order I’ve received this fast from you either! Fabulous customer service such as this guarantees my return business with your fine company. Please be sure this note reaches those responsible for my happiness!
All the best from Fargo,
Wayne Ramsey

Wow, what fast shipping! I ordered Friday afternoon, and received my harmonicas on Monday morning. And I was hoping there was an outside chance of getting them by my next practice on Thursday. Thank you, thank you for the quick service. And what a price on the Johnson Blues King. It’s a fine instrument for the price-which reminds me-thanks for the customer reviews of the harmonicas; I’m really a cheapskate, but even I would have walked on by the Blues King at that price, if it hadn’t been for the customer review section’s positive reviews of its worth. Great to do business with you. I’ll be back for more. – David Dixon

First time user of coast2coast. Delightful experience in resolving choices of harmonicas. Purchases to furnish gifts for my wife’s new found musical interests. A pleasure to be able to discover and relate on a level that evokes a personal feeling. Lower prices at coast2coast enabled me to purchase additional instruments for the same dollar amount as opposed to local retail prices. Thanks- – – James Winter

John and Doug,
I have been dealing with you gentleman for a couple of years now and believe me I have surfed all the Harp page retailers that could possibly be found, I thought I was getting good prices from another retailer until I found you guys. No matter which way I order, Internet, Postal System or by Phone you take care of me in quick fashion, and when I call you on the phone you guys are so courteous and helpful it’ a genuine pleasure to talk to you, that is something that is missing with many, many companies not just harp sales either. Keep up the good work, you’ve got a steady customer as long as I’m involved with harp playing.
Best Regards, Ed Bettinger Colorado

What a fantastic site. As a clueless, classical piano player I wanted to buy “a” harmonica for my brother (a self-taught blues guitarist). Thanks to your site I now know how harp players change keys (!!!!) and that the cheapo Johnson harmonicas are rated as a good value–especially for beginners. This is truly the absolutely best website I’ve ever seen and I just spent almost $70–twice as much as I intended– because the information was so compelling. I would be on the internet 24/7 if all websites were like yours. thanks!!!!
Beth Tucker

Thank you so much for making it so easy to find the item I wanted! Knowing nothing about the gift I bought, the best sellers reference became invaluable…I didn’t know that harmonicas came in different keys and received an excellent response time and clear answer through customer service. Maybe the answer I got from the representative could be added to description page or main harmonica page. “The most common key is C, however someone other than a beginner may already have C so the next common keys are A, G and D… Thanks again! I’m sold!
Nancy Lawler

Great site! I love shopping here. With all the information available it’s like going to an actual music store, except you guys know what you’re talking about.
Paul Alexander

Checked out five other sites specific for the harmonica. Your’s was by far the most complete and enjoyable. It’s great to know you are there. You have a Most Pleased New Customer. Thanks again for being such a Great Resource.
Thomas Darrow

I really appreciate the work you did on your CDs. I suppose I’ll wear them out eventually. I tried another series of video tapes and I was very disappointed in that they really didn’t teach me. You have taught me well so far. Thank you so much. Jeff Knight

Just wanted to say that I received my order today even with the mistake I made in the address. That was just superb turnaround! 3 days from when I pushed the buy button – I think. I don’t think I’ve ever received an Internet order that fast! I love the Golden Melodies too! This is my first time playing one and they really sound nice – great cupping shape. The Db especially sounds smooth with sweet response. When I need to get anything Harp related I’m heading to your site first!
thanx, Dejon

Dear John,
I received my substitute (Oskar) harp today; thanks for the speedy delivery. I appreciate you letting me make the swap for the backordered Special 20. I just want to take a moment, again, to let you know how enjoyable it is to do business with Coast to Coast Music. Your prices are still the best, the selection is top notch and your quick response to e-mail questions is greatly appreciated. I briefly did business with one of your competitors in Harrisburg,Ohio but their service could never compete with yours. I once had three harps on backorder with them for over twelve weeks but they billed my credit card on the order date, three months before the harps arrived. That was enough for me. I’ve been a devoted C2C customer ever since. I’m confident that you will maintain your high level of quality service even as your business grows.
Sincerely, Bob Cummings

Doug & Family,
Happy 4th of July!!! I just reread your article on the Coast to Coast web site and I must say it is the single best article written that I have ever read on the subject (improvising). You have nailed it and now it is time for me to nail it in my heart so I always keep it in mind. I do reach that frustration point quite a bit and it was so good to hear that it is a natural part of the learning process. Your encouraging words are such a saving grace for us harpers out here who are right at that stage in our harping journey. Thank you so very much.

  • Bill

You have been a big help to me. Site is getting easier to understand and new overhaul will be great. I buy more from you now than anyone because of your personal attention and great helps on your web site. Good prices help also! Keep up the good work.
Ron Parker Va. Beach, Va.

Thanks for the email. I have been using your tapes for awhile now and have learned a lot from them. I travel a lot and I put your tapes in on the road. It sure makes the drive shorter when I can practice my harp. I really appreciate your business and products. I used to buy from another internet company but I am now a dedicated customer to Coast to Coast. Why? Because you provide superior service, products, prices, and you really like and appreciate your customers. Your new web site is really good too. I like the new features and links you have set up. I now browse your web site on a regular basis even if I don’t want to buy something. Best Regards, Steve Shei

Hi Guys. Got My JT-30 in the mail on Tuesday. Pretty quick service! I love the mic! Just wanted to let you know I got it. It went so smoothly, I’m sure I’ll do More Business with you guys! Please note that my E-Mail address has changed as I switched from phone line over to cable since my last contact with you. Thanks for your prompt delivery of my new baby!

Just to put in my 2 cents here. These are great tapes…get them!!! Doug is a great instructor. I woodshed with them daily. I have been playing guitar for several years and I have developed a few bad habits. I am using Doug’s tapes to break and/or get some insight as to how to break them, along with some new things I’m learning. I also have 2 of his harmonica tapes and the same thing applies. Good Stuff! My practice have become productive and fun again…Thanks Doug!
(Standard disclaimer:) I make no money from coast to coast Music or however you word it…
Joe Pusateri

Hi Doug,
Yes ,you may certainly keep my e-mail address in your data bank. I’ve been keeping up with the HarpTalk program for a while now but I’m glad you ask if I had any questions to e-mail you directly because I’m a better one on one type person anyway, if that makes any since. I would like to thank coast-to-coast for HarpTalk though, It’s a very good idea, and the information given out by especially You I believe is right on the money. I’ve been playing for my own amusement for a couple of years, if I condense all the years together, but I wanted to take it a step further and try and unlearn some bad habits and also try and get a number #10 hole bend for the first time without popping a blood vessel if you know what I mean! Thanks again and I’ll be looking forward to working with You and your tapes!

Oh thank you John,
I feel am surrounded by American service:)) I am serious. You do a great job providing me with 100% needed information.
Thank you once again, Alex

I’ve now run 3 purchases through Coast to Coast in the same amount of time I WAITED for the order that never came from the “un-named vendor”. Each order was handled promptly, carefully packaged, and had a handwritten “thank-you” from “Doug” on my packing slip. Excellent service. The reason I tried the store that has now lost ALL MY FUTURE BUSINESS was just to take a “sample” -see how they did. Maybe I’d decide to occasionally buy from more than 1 online harmonica store. In fact, I had just purchased from Coast to Coast for the first time 2 days before that. I guess I don’t have to try-out anybody else anymore. My business is Sales. In these tightening economic times (I live in San Diego, CA – ask me about my Electric bill or the co$t of Ga$oline!), the company I work for can’t afford to lose a SINGLE customer. The Harmonica business must be MUCH more lucrative…..(at least in “un-named’s” area) I have no interest in Coast to Coast & stand to gain nothing from this testimonial. And I won’t broadcast to the list the name of the other “vendor” (but I’ll tell ALL my friends!) Value your allies, my harp-playing friends, and VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR$!

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support. The greatest compliment I can give you is to say that your customer support is superior to that of most of the “help” found in retail stores today.
Thanks again, Bill Mazzacca, Rosendale, NY”

Hello hello fellow blues man
My name’s Chris I’ve been playing blues harp for about 3 or 4 years on and off my problem is I’m in an area where harp players are far and few between so although I can play a lot of stuff I lack heavily in the technical skills. Then I came across your site and went to the lessons they were invaluable man I can’t begin to explain!!! Basically it’s enabled me to put a name to what I was playing which is really helpful cause I started off just listening to Harp riffs wherever I could get them which was usually hearing it on the radio and finding the song then listening to it over and over until I got it. After I started to get into improvisation put just played what sounded right and had no idea what I was doing just playing what sounded right. As you can imagine this is fine and dandy for playing by myself but when someone would over hear me and ask to jam with me I’d say sure then came the question. What key are you in? which key are you playing? etc, etc, etc, I got lost so I just wanted to say thanks for the technical help.
Regards, Chris

John and Doug,
Just wanted to thank you guys for all you do for us out here in “Harp Land” You have great prices, great service and harp talk is a wonderful forum. Even though there isn’t anyone in my immediate household who understands any of this “harp business” there are allot of people out there that do and you know what? I’m having the best times I’ve had in a real long time! Keep up the good work, It touches more people than any of us could imagine!
Best Regards, Bill

Hi, I’m a guy who lives over the seas, in Europe. As the matter of act, on the edge of Europe, in Balkans. To be more specific, in Romania. I’m sure that some of you, guys and girls, never heard about my country. Because in my country is very hard, no … is quite impossible, to find harmonicas and related stuff, I decided to buy using net. I chose Coast to Coast Music because of their prices. Mr. John Watts was very kind, gave me all the information I had needed. After two weeks I received my parcel: A legendary Pignose amp and an Astatic bullet mic. The stuff was packed just right to avoid damage. Right now I intend to order 4 harps from Coast to Coast Music. Again Mr. Watts told me all I had wanted to know about the cost of the parcel. I’m very pleased about their work.
PS. I suppose that I must use a bla-bla stuff like : I have no affiliation with Coast to Coast……., though I don’t quite understand the purpose of this phrase .

I’ll offer a blatant plug for our host, Coast to Coast Music. They have what you need, ship fast and treat you good. chasing around over a dollar price difference is a pain, and when you become a customer with John and Doug, they don’t forget your name, even tho they might never see your face. BTW, for everyone to hear: I’ve met one of Doug’s harp students. Now it could be that he’s a natural (yeah, right) or perhaps Doug is a really good teacher. Gary comes to our (chromatic) harmonica club meetings where we play mostly standards, and he leaves us all gape-faced when he plays something like Misty. We look at our chromatics with 48 or 64 notes, and wonder why we don’t have the notes he’s using. Hmmmmm.

Hi Doug,
I recently purchased your instruction tape for harmonica on bending notes and just wanted to let you know I think it is terrific. I have tried several other tapes from other instructors but was unable to bend a note. They all seem to concentrate on the movement and shape of the tongue. The best I could do with other methods was a fade. As a result I hadn’t played my harp in six months. I received your tape on Saturday and after listening to it I played a few notes to warm up and then using your method I hit a perfect draw bend on hole 2 on the first try. The reason I hadn’t been getting a bend was that I wasn’t putting the harp deep enough in my mouth and I wasn’t tipping it forward. Thanks for a great tape and I’ll be sending you an order for some new harps shortly.
Dan Cooper

Just received my 2nd order from you, and I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had. Shipping was timely, price was great, and I appreciate the hand-written “Thanks” on my packing slip. Thank you very much, I’ll shop with you again.
Dane Terry

Got the order very promptly. Everything in good order. Thanks for the care you give your customers!
Dear Doug,
I was just listening to the bending tape I ordered for the first time and within ten minutes I had successfully performed my first bend from the two hole draw( and any other hole for that matter) I was so excited that I just had to write you and thank you. I have been trying to learn how to bend for months without any success until now. Congratulations on a very good product.
Thanks, Michael Petty Doug,
Thanks for the email. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you. I didn’t expect you to be so “pro-active” about the offer of help via email. Thanks, I will make use of it. It will be especially helpful as I am soon to be leaving for Yemen to work as a teacher. So, now you can tell folks that you have a student in Yemen. Ha. I am hoping that the harp will be a good way to unwind at the end of the day and to remind me of “home”.
Anyway, thanks again, Erik