Located just north of Dayton, in Vandalia Ohio,

Coast 2 Coast Music are a main retail dealer for Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, Huang, and Lee Oskar intruments. We also carry the Buckeye Music Harmonicas, such as the Soul’s Voice and Blue Steel as well as various microphones and accessories.

We try to maintain a vast inventory at all times, and currently have several products under development, ourselves.

From new harmonica models, to microphones and customizable accessories, we hope to be able to offer our customers everything they’re looking for in one stop.

For inventory questions, or placing an order over the phone, just give us a call toll free at 1-877-602-4277. Our direct line at 937-274-6020. Or you can send us an email at ajbelcher83@yahoo.com.

Below are some of the brands we carry and a few of their more popular harmonicas ..

Buckeye Music LLC Harmonica Manufacturing and retail distribution. We have been working on several projects now since 2011, and will continue to bring out these creations of ours as they become available.

The Soul’s Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica (SV14) – Our first venture into high quality harmonicas. Built with phosphor bronze reeds and an ABS comb, it’s intended purpose is to meet and exceed the quality, playability, and longevity of other instruments in it’s class. Available in 14 standard keys, including Low F and High G.

The Maverick Diatonic Harmonica (MAV20) – This is our newest model, and our first one built off an anodized aluminum comb. The reed plates have been nickel plated for added durability, with phosphor bronze reeds, and a new uniquely designed and vented cover plate, help to project this harmonica’s voice through all the noise. Currently available for pre-order in four major keys, and should be here by early spring.

Crafting the highest quality instruments in the world since 1857

Hohner Rocket Diatonic Harmonica (M2013) – Wide open cover plates and channel design enhance pressure to ensure maximum loudness. Ergonomically designed comb has rounded sides and edges for complete comfort

Hohner Marine Band Crossover Diatonic Harmonica (M2009) – New improved cover design gives greater volume and stability while preventing reed rattle. Triple-coated laminated bamboo comb (patented), an innovative renewable natural material

The most accurately made, and beautifly crafted harmonicas in the entire world.

Suzuki’s Olive Diatonic Harmonica (C20) – Combining the composit comb of the Manji with the look and feel of the Promaster, tinted in a vivid green hue. 50% wood fiber and 50% resin composit body.

Suzuki’s Harpmaster Diatonic Harmonica (MR200) – Easy to play, free flowing design, with a solid ABS comb and phosphor bronze reeds, and classically shaped covers, the Harpmaster will provide you with years of proven performance.

Suzuki’s Pure Harp Diatonic Harmonica (MR550) – This harmonica has covers and a body composed of entirely rosewood. Combined with phosphor bronze reeds, this is a truely unique sounding harmonica.

The Result of 160 years of endeavour to produce the best harmonica in the world. The first serial-number produced harmonicas with stainless steel reeds.

Seydel 1847 Classic Diatonic Harmonica (16201) – Worlds first seriel-number produced diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.

Seydel Blues Session Steel Diatonic Harmonica (10301) – Blues Session diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.