There’s nothing worse than shitty music!

Have you ever been to a concert and the opening bands suck? Or worse, the band you initially went to see sucked too? In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than bad music, especially when you’re looking to experience music in the moment.

I’m Davey, and I’m obsessed with music. I’m obsessed with good music, bad music, and what makes them so darn good or so darn bad.

I myself am not a musician, however I’ve grown up around music all my lie. My family members are all musically inclined. I can carry a tune, but music was not the talent I ever wanted to pursue.

I’d say that having opinions are probably my most natural born talent. I love to debate and to discuss things. Since music is one of my favorite subjects, I naturally love to debate music and talk about all the finer points of everything that surrounds music and the people who make it.

My friends have started to get a little annoyed with me so I figured I’d create a blog to find an outlet for my incessant rambling about music and what not.

This brings us to where we are today. I hope you enjoy my blog and if I hate on your favorite album that you don’t send me death threats hahaha.

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