A case of People Pulling The Strings in Music Training

First and foremost we are musicians with an interest in playing harmonica. Doug is an accomplished harmonica and guitar player and he has over 30 years of experience as a professional musician and music teacher. John and Doug met in 1995 when John began taking harmonica lessons from Doug.

We have been partners since 1996 and we formed this company and web site to give harmonica players a resource for information about harmonicas and a place to save lots of money on instruments, instruction, and accessories. We are striving to make our site the most complete and comprehensive harmonica site on the web.

Some of the things we are particularly proud of include a trip to Austin, Texas for a Dell Computer convention to teach 800 Dell employees how to play harmonica in 45 minutes! We think it is a record. Interest in our web-based business has generated interviews and articles in: INC Technology Magazine, The Washington Post, and Baltimore Magazine, and Freemerchant.com. We even made a commercial for Compaq Computers which you can view here.

As always, we are available by e-mail to answer any questions you may have – just send your e-mail to John Watts or Doug Puls. We also suggest that you join the HarpTalk and/or the GuitarTalk discussion groups.

These groups are some of the best tools on the web for learning more about playing both harmonica and guitar, offering free advice from professional musicians just for the asking! Sign up forms for each group as well as links to harmonica web rings are below.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you come by often!

John Watts and Doug Puls
Owners, Coast to Coast Music

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