3 things you always need to get a fuckbuddy

When you’re single and want a girlfriend or boyfriend, you go through a series of steps, developing the relationship until it becomes a fully fledged love fest. This takes time, effort, and mutual attraction, among other things, but when you want to date someone, that’s generally how it’s done.

Fuck buddies, though, are a different animal. You can head out for the night with the intention of bringing someone back to your place, but you could very well end up crawling into bed alone. You could also head out for the night with your boys (or your girls) with the intention of getting turnt out of your mind but end up skipping out early with someone you just met. Finding a fuck buddy just seems to happen.

To give you an edge over the competition, there are three things you need to find a fuck buddy, each of which is detailed below.

  1. Luck

As previously mentioned, fuck buddies can be found whether you’re looking for them or not. You don’t even have to be out on the town to find one; fuck buddies can potentially be found wherever you look.

Your friends can be fuck buddies (although that may not be the best option for you), your classmates can be fuck buddies, your coworkers can be fuck buddies, and total strangers you just locked eyes with can be fuck buddies.

Fuck buddies can be found at times you wouldn’t expect: having just ended a long-term relationship, a kind-hearted friend can become your best buddy between the sheets. The person you’ve sat next to all semester finally introduces themselves, and before long, you’re in bed with them post-romp.

You definitely can find a fuck buddy when you set out to bring someone home for the night, but for the most part it’ll happen out of the blue. Sitting at the bar chatting with a friend, your eyes may wander and end up landing on someone; when you lock eyes and she (or he) smiles back, you may have just found who you’re looking for.

  1. Mutual Attraction

Unfortunately, you can’t sleep with everyone you want. That girl (or guy) you just locked eyes with may be cute as hell, but they won’t leave with you if they don’t think you’re cute as hell too. When on the hunt for a fuck buddy, you’ll need to find someone who is interested in you as well; this doesn’t mean that you have to have the same interests or anything like that — if each of you think the other is totally bangable, then that’s pretty much the only box you need to check.

Remember, fuck buddies are meant strictly for sex; beyond having a great time in bed, you don’t owe each other anything. What does this mean? Well, it means that you need to treat them like buddies you sleep with, not as a boyfriend or girlfriend; technically, they’re on a rung below your friends, and barely above acquaintances. If you friend with benefits is hitting you up for something other than sex, they’ve strayed off the delicate path, and maybe it’s time you cut them off.

But back to the point; if you want to bring that girl home with you, she’s gonna need to think you’re hot too. When out on the prowl, look your best and try to stand out — you serve much better chances of going home with someone if they can easily pick you out among everyone else at the bar, club, concert, or wherever you are. We’re talking about casual sex relationships here, so you don’t have to keep an eye open for your dream partner. If you find someone cute, give it a try and approach them — for all you know, they’ve had their eye on you since you walked in.

  1. Guts

We all have regrets, but it’s great if you can avoid them; they eat at you, keep you up at night, and add unnecessary stress to you life. While you don’t go home and pout when you can’t find a fuck buddy, you may look back on who your targets were and wonder what would’ve happened if you’d approached them. What kept you from finding a fuck buddy? In all likelihood, it was a lack of the guts to do it.

Approaching someone with the intention of sleeping with them later can make anyone nervous, but once you’ve done it, those nerves go away. If you can muster the courage to walk up to that girl/guy, you’ve taken a big first step in finding a fuck buddy.

The first step is always the hardest, but once you’ve passed that stage, it gets easier. Thoughts run wildly through your head, wondering what in the hell you’re going to say to this person, but once you walked up to them and they warmly welcome you, mentioning they’d been wondering when you’d come over, it all seems to fall into place.

Whether you’re happy with the single life or you’ve recently broken up with bae, a fuck buddy may be all you need to set things right in the world; they’re great for stress relief, they’re great fun, and the lack of commitment enables you to focus on other things that may be more important to you, while getting some action on the side. Fuck buddies are great for situations where you’re busy most of the week but have a slot here and there for some good old ‘fun’.

When on the search for a fuckbuddy, there are three things you need: luck to find her (or him), they’ve gotta think you’re hot, and last but definitely not least, you need the guts to approach them. Life is really weird, and you’re going to meet a lot of people; a vast majority will want zero sex from you, but there are a few out there who do — when you see them, make you move.

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